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Excision of Vital Organs is Imposed Death20-02-2008 23:28Organ Transplants    
Homosexuality and the New World Order05-10-2009 20:32Homosexuality    
Lejeune on Human Nature12-03-2009 02:02Family Life    
Los Supermachos vs The Catholic Church27-01-2008 22:26Population Control    
March of Dimes Anti-Life History Part 114-01-2009 21:08Eugenics    
March of Dimes Anti-Life History Part 214-01-2009 21:43Eugenics    
Natural Child Spacing14-01-2009 01:46Family Life    
New Order of Barbarians06-07-2009 05:36Population Control    
NIH Embryo Experimentation14-01-2009 01:57Eugenics    
Organ Transplantation and Brain Death05-01-2008 07:26Organ Transplants    
Origins of Sex Education in Catholic Schools20-02-2008 23:04Sex Education    
Pathfinder Fund28-12-2007 01:36Population Control    
Population Control and Civic Concerns01-01-2008 11:02Population Control    
Population Growth and the American Future27-12-2007 21:36Population Control    
PP - Sex Education Secures Abortion21-10-2009 02:18Sex Education